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Greetings yaay!! I am here on my own site and so are you. I am a Jewelry Designer and I teach Economic Empowerment through beading. I have taught in Liberia West Africa and South Africa and other countries as well. I have 25 plus years experience.


I am dedicating my website to my lovely daughter Felicia who has patiently and tirelessly been my helper in this long awaited venture, thank you sweetheart.

My name is  Minister Trish Wade and my beading is a ministry Beading 2 Blessings. I have a passion for the art of beading. Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated by beads. In fact my mother had the beaded curtains back in the day and wondered why she would just see strings hanging. Well now you all know who it was right?   (See my 8th grade triangle earring picture started from bead curtains) Yes I had emerged into a fashion jewelry designer. I had taken those bead curtains, fashioned them into earrings and sold them for lunch money. In school I wore so much jewelry my mom would make me take it off saying I looked like a Gypsy. I took it off, put  it in a bag and put it right back on at school lol!


My lines of jewelry range from contemporary, cultural and a men's line (Mascu-line). My spiritual line (The Royal One) includes crowns, prayer hands, doves etc. I also teach beading through Beading 2 Blessings in the community and mobile training.

I never knew this passion would stay with me or never dreamed of taking it to the nations like Liberia West Africa, South Africa, Philippines, Uganda, Hong Kong, Bali Indonesia, Uganda and U.S.A. It is the grace of God assisting me.


My vision is to continue traveling and training others to fulfill their dream they never knew they had in the art of beading.  As I use my gift of encouragement, the designers are being birthed out by each one teach one. I have trained also at retreats, libraries, homes, churches and other places. I plan to take it to other churches to train them for the mission field. It is good to take a skill or something for the people of global countries to help them help themselves.  This program helps feed the families and is a lifetime skill for the people and a way of earning income that they lacked.

I am retired from State of California and co-workers could always find me in the lunch room producing products as they browsed and purchased lots of my work.  


To bring the art of Beading 2 Blessings globally to the Nations by assisting others in how to tap into their own creative reservoir that we all have as God's children.  To train local churches for the mission field when they enter countries, to have a skill to bring to the people.


I can be reached by cell 916 202-9340 or email and of course my website is You are welcome to look around and enjoy shopping with me. My products are made for costume jewelry lovers  like you for both men and women. I use semi-precious stones, shells, beads and other various materials. I appreciate your visit today.


We invite you to enjoy your shopping experience here. I am supported by many family, friends and customers for the work that I do. Most items are hand crafted and I am grateful to all my loyal customers over the years as well as my future customers (you) who have come!

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